Who We Are


Hidden Gem is the sister company to WILLOWTREE Market. This is another of our heart offerings to you, bringing many possible healing modalities for you to explore.

Heather Jaynes is the creator of Hidden Gem and Willowtree Market. She is also a mother and has been an entrepreneur most of her life starting her first business at the age of 14. From a much younger age even, her journey into the mystical realms started when spending time in nature and was very receptive to messages coming from cosmic forces. Her fascination with it all has opened to allow her to experience more than just our physical world. These very real experiences sparked her curiosity of all things metaphysical and has continued to grow and expand over decades. 

Since that first business, Heather has intuited the magic of energy clearing and object placement to shift the subtle energetics in a space and has been practicing her own form of what most people would call feng shui. She has developed these skills over the years and along with more formal training to create something unique to her that embodies decades and a breadth of knowledge to help others create space that energetically feeds their spirit. 

Heather’s mission is always to help others to be receptive to these subtle awakenings of the spirit to further wellness, comfort and abundance to their lives. 

LOU LAPLANT, Store Manager/Partner & Crystal Maven


Growing up in Northeastern Vermont, Lou was always collecting rocks. She has traveled a little, lived in a few places, and fell in love with the PNW after hiking the PCT in 2019. She started learning about the metaphysical properties of stones 6 years ago, and loves intuitively helping people find the crystals they need.

Lou is currently taking appointments for private crystal sessions. Please call the store for more info.