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Crystal Consulting

with Lou Laplant

Lou Laplant holding a crystal while smiling

Crystals have been used for Millenia. Let's bring these ancient tools into the present moment.

Are you new to crystals or are you dealing with something and you want more support? Lou is here for one on one's to help you dive deeper into how you can work with crystals on your healing journey. She will support you as you tap into your intuition and find the stones that will connect the best with you in this moment.


Tarot Readings

with Pam Christiansen

Pam Christiansen standing in front of a tree smiling

During the time of changes and challenges, many questions come up around what direction to take, what choices to make and how best to be of service and open your creative process. A tarot reading is a very helpful tool in providing options and answers. Pam has been reading for 3 decades and provides insights and clarity. She does this with an extensive background of esoteric and practical information. Join her for a delightful and inspiring experience.


Tarot & Oracle Readings

with Jenn Gallucci

Jenn Gallucci looking into the distance

Tarot helps us access what is just beyond our conscious mind- what our heart already knows but our mind does not yet allow. Jenn's style is fluid, creative, intuitive, and conversational. Together, you'll begin by clarifying your question or the general theme of the reading. Jenn uses multiple decks to pull cards for you, weaving them together to tell a story that holds your answer. Her hope is that you leave inspired, grounded and more clear.


Astrology / New Moon Readings

with Neva Welton

Neva Welton on the beach with her dogs with Mount Rainier in the background

Start a new moon practice or super-charge an existing one! Neva uses your natal chart and the current new moon chart to identify key themes to seed your new moon intentions. Neva combines an MA in Counseling Psychology with years of professional astro education. She has led New Moon Circles since 2017.


Appointments Available

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