The Reading Room

We are happy to provide a beautiful sacred space to meet with local practitioners in the inner sanctum of Hidden Gem.  If you are interested in connecting with them please send us an email to inquire about and set up an appointment.


Tarot Readings with Pam Christiansen

During the time of changes and challenges, many questions come up around what direction to take, what choices to make and how best to be of service and open your creative process. A tarot reading is a very helpful tool in providing options and answers. Pam has been reading for 3 decades and provides insights and clarity. She does this with an extensive background of esoteric and practical information. Join her for a delightful and inspiring experience.

20 minutes - $40

90 minutes - $155

Appointments available Thursdays and Sundays.

Other days may be available by request so please ask!

Please call Hidden Gem at 206-317-6178



 Astrology Readings with Melissa Walsh

A native of Southern California, Melissa recently relocated to Bainbridge Island and joined Hidden Gem as the resident astrologer. Her lifelong interest in psychology and spirituality paved the way for a solid professional foundation, which encompasses dual Master’s degrees in Counseling and Educational
Psychology, along with extensive training in the wisdom of ancient Hellenistic astrology. This fusion of academic and metaphysical pursuits forms the cornerstone of Melissa’s soul-centered astrological practice.

Through her unique skill set and holistic approach, Melissa gently empowers and educates her clients, aiding them in expanding their self-awareness. Her readings are thoughtfully crafted to guide folks in harnessing diverse energies and cycles to unlock hidden strengths, navigate challenges, and align choices with their soul’s authentic purpose. Discover profound insights that shine a light on the present,
while drawing from the past. Book a personalized reading to uncover the dynamic interplay between the stars and your life.

Our services encompass a personal consultation with Melissa, a detailed written report, and an audio recording of your session. You will receive your report and recording via email following your session. Please note that readings require your date of birth, location of birth, and exact birth time. If you do not
know your birth time, you can still book a reading, but it will be more general and will contain less precise detail about you.

Choose from the following chart casting options:

- Introduction to your big three: Sun, Moon, and Rising sign readings. Sessions last about 25 minutes and provide an overview of the most essential parts of the natal chart. Perfect for newcomers to
astrology. $58

- 60-minute natal chart overview. Learn about all your key planetary placements and the areas of your life where the energies and archetypes are represented. $155 for new clients. $132 for returning clients.

- 90-minute natal chart overview. A more detailed reading which includes everything in the 60-minute reading, with additional time allocated to addressing your key questions about relationships, career, family, karma, healing, transits, and more. $225 for new clients. $198 for returning clients.