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Heather and Lou standing in the entrance of our new space on opening day, with crystals, and tarot visible behind them.
April 06, 2024

Hidden Gem's History: Or should we say Herstory


Maybe you've been here with us since the beginning, thank you. And maybe you are new, thank you. Here's a little more about us! 


Let's start at the beginning:

Heather has very fond memories searching for garnets and rubies with her mother and Grandmother in North Carolina as a small child. She had always had a fascination for rocks and crystals and dreamed of having a magical crystal shop. That dream came true after buying Willowtree Market in 2015, formally Willow’s Naturally, a health and wellness store . She decided she would bring a small selection of crystals in and the customer’s enthusiasm continued to grow, so Heather decided to fill the entire upstairs of the store with more crystals , jewelry and gifts . In the fall of 2019 The Crystal Loft opened. Lou, who also had a deep interest in the healing qualities of crystals , discovered the shop days after she moved to Washington. She knew instantly that she wanted to work there and applied on the spot! She came from a life of collecting pretty rocks as a kid to connecting with the metaphysical side and loving every aspect of it. We loved the Crystal Loft. It was cozy and the sun would come in and play with the crystals.

During the summer of 2020 we moved the Crystal Loft downstairs in Willowtree and changed its name to Wild Heather, so that it was Wild Heather under the Willowtree. We loved this space, it felt like it went hand in hand with Willowtree. A wellness shop with a metaphysical wellness space. But it was a very tiny space and our customers excitedly asked for more. 

Through all of its iterations, we got to know our regular locals very well.

In April of 2021 we moved to the Winslow Mall and expanded 5 times the space we had. Here we were able to meet even more of our locals and tourists, making sweet connections. We expanded in every way, carrying more of the metahysical and occult items as well as dipping our toes into the jewelry world more, and of course find even more awesome crystals to share with everyone. We had 2 wonderful and busy years filled with a lot of growth. 

And now we found the space we have always wanted, at the Orchard. We are excited to be going into our third year of Hidden Gem in a beautiful light filled space. This space feels like a breath of fresh air. The crystal sparkle a little more and we are all happy to be here. We can't wait to see how things will progress in this new space.


Through all of this time of growth we have worked hard to support local women makers and employ amazing women who have knowledge of many wonderful things. As a women owned, women run small business we work hard to support women in our local community and our small business community. Currently we have 25 local, regional, and US made items from women owned companies. And we are always looking for more that we align with. If you are a maker and interested in having your pieces in our shop please reach out through email,


We fully acknowledge everyday that we wouldn’t be here without all of you who have been here with us since the beginning or have just recently found us. Your presents means so much to us. Heather and Lou and the whole team at Hidden Gem want to thank you for the love and support. We hope you will come checkout our new space and we thank you for being a part of our community through all of the change.

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We Have Moved!!!
February 24, 2024

We Have Moved!!!

We are so excited to announce that we have moved and we are so happy in our new location. 

You can find all of our beautiful crystals and jewelry just steps away from our original. 

              380 Winslow Way E Suite 101 Bainbridge Island WA


We are ecstatic to have found such a wonderful light-filled location that's even easier for you to get to. We are now nestled between Celtic Crossroads and  L'Atelier Chocolate Shop across from Town & Country. 


You will still find our wall of unique and traditional tarot and oracle decks, all of our amazing ethically sourced crystals, locally/regionally made candles, and jewelry. Plus new jewelry makers and beautiful small batch pottery. We are looking forward to showing you our fresh new space and all of the treasures inside. 

Come find us! We aren't as hidden anymore but you can still discovery lots of new beauty. 

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Meditation Through Play
July 01, 2023

Meditation Through Play

Have fun Nurturing our Inner Child and connecting to your mindfulness through playful meditation. 

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How to Use a Pendulum?
May 06, 2023

How to Use a Pendulum?

How to use a pendulum, a step by step guide.

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A gloved hand holding a clear quartz with dirty in the background.
April 20, 2023

Environmental Importance of Sustainability in the Crystal Mining Process

Let's talk about the environmental importance of sustainability in the crystal mining process.


We just received this from one of the mines we work with in Brazil, and it made us really happy to be reminded that we partner with and buy from people who care. And we thought you might enjoy the read.  


"Crystal mining is an activity that can have a significant environmental and social impact. The extraction of these precious minerals can be dangerous and destructive if not carried out responsibly and consciously. That is why sustainability in crystal mining is crucial to minimize environmental impacts, protect the health and safety of workers, promote social responsibility, and ensure long-term financial sustainability.


By adopting sustainable practices in crystal mining, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of the activity. Rehabilitation of degraded areas, reduction of energy and water consumption, and minimization of greenhouse gas emissions are examples of sustainable actions that can be implemented in crystal mining.


In addition, the adoption of sustainable practices can help protect the health and safety of workers involved in crystal mining. Proper training and the use of personal protective equipment can minimize the risks of accidents and occupational diseases.


Social responsibility is also an important aspect of sustainability in crystal mining. The adoption of fair and equitable practices, such as involving local communities and promoting economic and social development initiatives, can help create a more just and equitable environment for communities affected by mining.


In summary, sustainability in crystal mining is crucial to minimize environmental impacts, protect the health and safety of workers, promote social responsibility, and ensure long-term financial sustainability. It is important that companies adopt sustainable practices in crystal mining to ensure a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for all."


Thank you for being a part of us all working towards a better the planet. 

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How to use Tarot?
December 03, 2021

How to use Tarot?

Simple Tarot Practices from Pam Christiansen

Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-reflection.
Here are some easy practices that yield valuable experiences.

1. Pick a card with a person on it. Have the intention of embodying that person
throughout your day.

For example, if you pick the Hermit, you may find yourself slowing
down a bit. You may find that your mind is more peaceful, and decisions are not rushed.
If you pick the Fool, this brings a new, more energetic sense of being. Lighthearted and open to new experiences. Play with the images and watch how your life options expand.

2. To enhance your dreams or to inform your waking life, sleep with a tarot card.

Let the card be the last image you see before going to sleep. If you have a question to answer, or a problem to solve you can use the card to give you specific information. Or be open to whatever message the card may have for you. This can be quit amazing.

The first time I did this, I slept with the Hierophant and dreamed of a teacher coming to me feeding me peanuts. Within a week a spiritual teacher came into my life and provided one of the most impactful experiences of my life.

3. Choose a card for the day and as you move about your world, watch for images that are similar in the card and in your world. Watch for similar shapes. Shapes are significant in themselves. Ask yourself what these images have to say to you. This is really fun especially if you have nature-based deck.

Today I think I’ll embody the Chariot and see where it takes me. Happy Tarot Travels!


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Stones for Support During Mercury Retrograde
May 31, 2021

Stones for Support During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde!

What is it? Some people make it sound really scary and hard. It doesn't have to be.

This is a time when it can look like Mercury is going backwards in its orbit. It's not actually going backwards. Mercury has a different obit from the Earth, it only takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun while it's takes us 365 days. So it's just an optical illusion.

However, during this time the energies can feel a bit intense. Communication can feel hard because Mercury is the ruler of communication. It can also feel like things break down a lot whether its small things like cellphones or other electronics or bigger things. During this time you can feel exhausted or emotional. It's ok, you aren't going crazy, a lot of people are feeling the same. Make sure to slow down and really support yourself right now. Drink a lot of water, get some extra rest, and make sure you are connecting to nature, in whatever way you can.


You can also have some stones around to you support you. Here's a few that Lou loves to work with right now! 


Labradorite~ Feel grounded, connect to your intuition, feel your inner magic/strength, and feel present in the here and now. 


Obsidian~ Ground down, feel protected. Obsidian creates a protective shield around you that really repels any energies that are not for the highest and greatest good. If you are feeling extra emotional consider working with Sheen, Velvet or Rainbow Obsidian. These three are truly beautiful formations of Obsidian that support the heart. They help with grieving and emotions by grounding and protecting you while also bringing ease to the heart.


Amazonite~ This is the stone that is all about feeling inner strength and having courage. It supports you in saying what you need to say. Which is a great stone to have right now since Mercury is the ruler of communication. When Mercury is Retrograding it can feel like communication isn't happening or its getting all screwy. Support your self and have the courage to say it. 


K2 Jasper~ Another awesome stone for grounding and bringing balance. This stone helps you ground down before you speak. Which can help you pause and let that filter kick in before you say something that might not be what you really want to say. 


Blue Kyanite~ Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra to encourage communication.  It can help you break through blocks and let go of fear associated with speaking your truth. It can be a great stone to support public speaking. 


Fluorite~ "The Genius Stone". Fluorite helps you connect to your intellect and brings clarity of mind. Rainbow Fluorite really helps you connect to your body and what's around you. Green Fluorite is a little more focused on connecting the head and the heart. Help your brain focus on what it needs to right now. 


Selenite~ Clear and cleanse. This is a great stone for cleansing your energies, the energies around you, your space, and the stones you wear during the day. It's great to have a pieces by your front door to clear you as you enter your home. Having a piece to place your pocket stones and jewelry on after the day is great to help them removed the gunk f so they are ready to go the next day. 


Shungite~ Shungite is another protector. It grounds you and helps with radiation and EMF. Keep it near your electronics and wifi to protect yourself. Having this stone during Mercury Retrograde is great because some times electronics act up a bit during this time. Having a piece stuck to your phone or on your person can really help limit major issues with your electronics. 



Follow us on Instagram @hiddengembainbridge for more ideas to support yourself  during Mercury Retrograde.


Stay grounded and go with the flow right now. 


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Moving Stagnant Energy with Self-care
March 14, 2021

Moving Stagnant Energy with Self-care

Energy can get stuck all too easily in the physical and emotional body.


Spring is the best time to get things moving. And self care is one of the best ways to help do it. 


How do you know if energy is stuck? And how do you get it moving? These questions might be going though your head right now. No worries. Take a deep breath and keep reading. 


How do you know if energy is stuck? 

First off, you may feel slower or bogged down physically, emotionally and mentally. You might feel physical pain or discomfort that just won't go away no matter what you do. You might feel like one thought just keeps popping back up into your head. You might be feeling a specific emotion even when it doesn't feel connected to your present self. Or you might feel easily triggered by something or someone that brings out stronger reactions or feelings. 


Ok how do I get things moving and remove blocks?

Self-care is such a simple beautiful way to support yourself. Baths, meditation, massage, grounding, movement, and crystals. It's simple but can feel overwhelming at first just keep in mind that you need to do what's best for you. Everyone has their favorite self care rituals. Here are some ideas. 


Take an intentional bath. Intentional baths are focused, slow and meditative. By lighting candles and adding crystals to a regular bathing experience you can set an intention for your bath such as "I will sit with my anger."


Still or moving. There are many guided mediations on youtube. You could watch a candle while taking deep breath. You can go for a walk making sure to go slow and take it all in. 


Being in nature is so therapeutic. It can give silence that is hard to come by in our every day lives. Being in nature can also give you a sacred space to speak out loud for no one else to hear. Making noises you wouldn't normally is extremely helpful in getting energy moving in the body especially for the throat and heart. Touching the trees, rocks and dirt, feeling the ground beneath your feet can help you feel connected to the earth and move energy out the legs and feet. 

Stretching/ Mindful Movement

Stretching into those sticky spots can feel good but if you don't do some focused work on your emotional body the icky feeling will linger or just keep coming back. Using a foam roller, walking, doing yoga these are all great things to mindfully stretch. 

There are a lot of thing to do and feel, so to keep your self from getting overwhelmed start small and remember you don't have to do everything. 

Getting Reiki and other energy work such as acupuncture and massage done is also a beautiful way to take care of your self with the help of another person. 

If you are ready to do some serious energetic healing I would recommend visiting I have been working with Myna for a few years now and have really seen the transformation in myself. Of course it takes time and work and nothing happens over night. But you can do it


Love & Healing,



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A photo of the sun shining though the Washington trees taken by Lou while hiking the PCT
January 23, 2021

Intentions + Mindset = Manifestation

Manifestation is easier than it may initially seem.

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Breathing: A Selfcare Practice to Connect to the Universe Within by Sara
December 01, 2020

Breathing: A Selfcare Practice to Connect to the Universe Within by Sara

Breathing: A Selfcare Practice to Connect to the Universe Within


The world spins at such a fast clip that it’s easy to get spun out and lose your Self. We can feel this separation as uneasiness or agitation. Take these tangible sensations as cues to pause so you can realign your energy. Literally, stop. Feel into your physical body and then allow yourself to release into the pull of gravity, reconnecting with the physical world here and now. Next, take a moment to look up and out or choose to close your eyes and turn inward. You might already feel your body soften or you may hear yourself exhale. Bring your attention to your breath and watch your body being breathed - inhaling and exhaling all on its own. As the body exhales, feel yourself let go as you surrender to the moment. Let the sound and rhythm of your breath soothe you.


Your breath is the gateway to a vast universe that lies within the physical body. By skillfully cultivating and sculpting the breath, you have the power to change your physiology and neurology, altering how you feel and your state of being. Depending upon which breath technique is used, you can shift from agitation to calmness, from distracted to focused, or from lethargic to energized.


One calming and accessible technique is diaphragmatic breathing, where you breathe through the nose into the low belly, in a sense, bypassing the ribcage. Diaphragmatic breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, regulates your heartbeat, and reduces anxiety and stress. 


It is best to practice lying down, but diaphragmatic breathing can also be done standing or sitting. To try it:

  1. Place one hand on your abdomen and one hand on your chest.
  2. Breathe in slowly through your nose directing your breath toward the low belly without forcing. You will feel the abdomen rise while the chest remains still.
  3. Let the exhale be easy and natural. 


Once you feel comfortable belly breathing, start shaping the breath.

  1. Continue breathing diaphragmatically.
  2. Begin counting the length of your inhalation and exhalation.
  3. Gently and equally lengthen the inhale and exhale without causing stress or anxiety.
  4. Follow the path of the breath with the mind’s eye and allow the mind to rest in its rhythm.
  5. In time, lengthen the exhalation so that eventually it becomes twice as long as the inhalation.


Practice 5-10 minutes a day to reconnect with your Self and to change your state of being. 



This wonderful information is shared by Sara Tuminello 

Sara Tuminello is an artist and designer who enjoys weaving together a variety of disciplines. She is the creator of the empowering and supportive Haven Oracle Deck — a set of universal affirmations born from her relationship with yoga and breathwork. She shares these transformational tools in accessible private and weekly group yoga classes.



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Why is Shopping Small and Local Important
November 30, 2020

Why is Shopping Small and Local Important

Why is Shopping Small and Local Important 

An opinion piece by Lou 


Have you been hearing “Buy Local”, “Support Local,” “Shop Small,” “Shop Women-Owned” a lot lately? Sometimes it feels like it’s all that’s being talked about, and seems to be a big movement in the last few years, and especially this year. But do you know what it actually means?

There is so much that goes into these sayings so let’s break it down. 

What does shop small mean? It means to shop from small businesses, supporting small locally-owned shops over big business. 

Here are some deeper thoughts: shopping at small businesses does some truly amazing things. It’s awesome to buy from a store that knows you as a person, from people who are there to help you get exactly what you need. Maybe they make all of their own products, or source from other small businesses, creating a beautiful community of support. 

Is buying from small businesses easier? Sometimes- you can definitely get a more personalized shopping experience from a small business, which can make finding that special something easier.  But sometimes shopping small isn’t the most convenient. Small businesses don’t usually employ a lot of people, so if they are out of stock and they make their own products it takes time to get things made and ready. Or maybe there’s an item they don’t have in stock at that moment and they need to order it for you. The wait might be longer than if you bought it online, because perhaps they don’t buy in bulk, or are buying from another small maker. This can be frustrating - especially when you know you can get that exact item or a very similar item from Amazon. But there’s a HUGE difference in buying from Amazon and buying directly from the maker or a small business

You can choose to support the faceless ‘big business.’ OR, you can choose to buy from a small business and help someone in your community, and maybe even make a new friend. That maker or entrepreneur has invested everything into a dream, working hard to succeed with their passion. They often work long, hard hours, and this year, probably just barely staying afloat. Small businesses are trying hard to stay open and keep their few employees employed. Shopping at a small business is supporting the single mom, the person who quit their job to finally pursue their dream, the person who invested their life savings into an idea, and the young family wanting to make the world a better place. 

Ok what is the big deal about buying local AND small? You are supporting your local economy which in turn gives back to the people in your community; it creates jobs! 

Shopping local is also best for the environment. By buying from a local business you can bypass shipping, saving money all around. It also reduces waste, because reducing shipping eliminates the need for packaging and lowers the amount of single use plastics. Buying from local shops also cuts back on emissions; the ‘footprint’ of your item is smaller, reducing pollution from the decrease in shipping. Lastly, shopping locally also helps you meet and know the people in your area. There are so many talented makers here in the Pacific Northwest, and we love supporting them the best that we can. Shopping local helps your neighbors to pay rent and keep the doors open. It can come at a higher sticker price, but it’s worth it to know that your money is staying in your community- which helps you, too! 

  This holiday season, and going forward, let’s work hard to make intentional purchases. Make sure to spend your money wisely, supporting the people and places you want to be around for the long haul. 

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Inner Dreamwork with Amy Curran
November 14, 2020

Inner Dreamwork with Amy Curran

"As a dream worker, I am quite focused on my sleep at night, including the quality and duration of time I sleep. We spend approximately one third of our lifetime sleeping.


Allow me to guide you through a sleep ritual, so that you may increase your dream recall." - Amy Curran

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Heather’s Good Sleep Suggestions
October 30, 2020

Heather’s Good Sleep Suggestions

Sleep is such an important part of our well-being, but can sometimes be hard to come by. Here are some of Heather’s recommendations and rituals for easing into, and staying asleep. 

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Cutting Energetic Cords with Myna
October 29, 2020

Cutting Energetic Cords with Myna

Cutting Energetic Cords. Experience a remote energy healing with Myna from LightBird Healing 

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