Stones for Support During Mercury Retrograde

Stones for Support During Mercury Retrograde

May 31, 2021

Mercury Retrograde!

What is it? Some people make it sound really scary and hard. It doesn't have to be.

This is a time when it can look like Mercury is going backwards in its orbit. It's not actually going backwards. Mercury has a different obit from the Earth, it only takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun while it's takes us 365 days. So it's just an optical illusion.

However, during this time the energies can feel a bit intense. Communication can feel hard because Mercury is the ruler of communication. It can also feel like things break down a lot whether its small things like cellphones or other electronics or bigger things. During this time you can feel exhausted or emotional. It's ok, you aren't going crazy, a lot of people are feeling the same. Make sure to slow down and really support yourself right now. Drink a lot of water, get some extra rest, and make sure you are connecting to nature, in whatever way you can.


You can also have some stones around to you support you. Here's a few that Lou loves to work with right now! 


Labradorite~ Feel grounded, connect to your intuition, feel your inner magic/strength, and feel present in the here and now. 


Obsidian~ Ground down, feel protected. Obsidian creates a protective shield around you that really repels any energies that are not for the highest and greatest good. If you are feeling extra emotional consider working with Sheen, Velvet or Rainbow Obsidian. These three are truly beautiful formations of Obsidian that support the heart. They help with grieving and emotions by grounding and protecting you while also bringing ease to the heart.


Amazonite~ This is the stone that is all about feeling inner strength and having courage. It supports you in saying what you need to say. Which is a great stone to have right now since Mercury is the ruler of communication. When Mercury is Retrograding it can feel like communication isn't happening or its getting all screwy. Support your self and have the courage to say it. 


K2 Jasper~ Another awesome stone for grounding and bringing balance. This stone helps you ground down before you speak. Which can help you pause and let that filter kick in before you say something that might not be what you really want to say. 


Blue Kyanite~ Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra to encourage communication.  It can help you break through blocks and let go of fear associated with speaking your truth. It can be a great stone to support public speaking. 


Fluorite~ "The Genius Stone". Fluorite helps you connect to your intellect and brings clarity of mind. Rainbow Fluorite really helps you connect to your body and what's around you. Green Fluorite is a little more focused on connecting the head and the heart. Help your brain focus on what it needs to right now. 


Selenite~ Clear and cleanse. This is a great stone for cleansing your energies, the energies around you, your space, and the stones you wear during the day. It's great to have a pieces by your front door to clear you as you enter your home. Having a piece to place your pocket stones and jewelry on after the day is great to help them removed the gunk f so they are ready to go the next day. 


Shungite~ Shungite is another protector. It grounds you and helps with radiation and EMF. Keep it near your electronics and wifi to protect yourself. Having this stone during Mercury Retrograde is great because some times electronics act up a bit during this time. Having a piece stuck to your phone or on your person can really help limit major issues with your electronics. 



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Stay grounded and go with the flow right now.