Moving Stagnant Energy with Self-care

Moving Stagnant Energy with Self-care

March 14, 2021

Energy can get stuck all too easily in the physical and emotional body.


Spring is the best time to get things moving. And self care is one of the best ways to help do it. 


How do you know if energy is stuck? And how do you get it moving? These questions might be going though your head right now. No worries. Take a deep breath and keep reading. 


How do you know if energy is stuck? 

First off, you may feel slower or bogged down physically, emotionally and mentally. You might feel physical pain or discomfort that just won't go away no matter what you do. You might feel like one thought just keeps popping back up into your head. You might be feeling a specific emotion even when it doesn't feel connected to your present self. Or you might feel easily triggered by something or someone that brings out stronger reactions or feelings. 


Ok how do I get things moving and remove blocks?

Self-care is such a simple beautiful way to support yourself. Baths, meditation, massage, grounding, movement, and crystals. It's simple but can feel overwhelming at first just keep in mind that you need to do what's best for you. Everyone has their favorite self care rituals. Here are some ideas. 


Take an intentional bath. Intentional baths are focused, slow and meditative. By lighting candles and adding crystals to a regular bathing experience you can set an intention for your bath such as "I will sit with my anger."


Still or moving. There are many guided mediations on youtube. You could watch a candle while taking deep breath. You can go for a walk making sure to go slow and take it all in. 


Being in nature is so therapeutic. It can give silence that is hard to come by in our every day lives. Being in nature can also give you a sacred space to speak out loud for no one else to hear. Making noises you wouldn't normally is extremely helpful in getting energy moving in the body especially for the throat and heart. Touching the trees, rocks and dirt, feeling the ground beneath your feet can help you feel connected to the earth and move energy out the legs and feet. 

Stretching/ Mindful Movement

Stretching into those sticky spots can feel good but if you don't do some focused work on your emotional body the icky feeling will linger or just keep coming back. Using a foam roller, walking, doing yoga these are all great things to mindfully stretch. 

There are a lot of thing to do and feel, so to keep your self from getting overwhelmed start small and remember you don't have to do everything. 

Getting Reiki and other energy work such as acupuncture and massage done is also a beautiful way to take care of your self with the help of another person. 

If you are ready to do some serious energetic healing I would recommend visiting I have been working with Myna for a few years now and have really seen the transformation in myself. Of course it takes time and work and nothing happens over night. But you can do it


Love & Healing,