Cutting Energetic Cords with Myna

Cutting Energetic Cords with Myna

October 29, 2020


Cutting ENERGETIC cords

Everyone and everything is energy. Emotions are energy. Interactions between people are energy. Trapped emotions are energies. It’s only natural that sometimes (MOST and if not ALL the times) energy cords are created and taken with you wherever you go. Regardless of how long ago a situation was, or when you had contact with this or that person, the energetic cord remains unseen and usually unfelt.

We can break the bonds of these energy lines that hold us back from our truths and our highest timelines and paths. Wouldn’t you want to be able to co-create your life with more space and grace? Then cutting these cords daily after interactions or even before bedtime will help you be able to feel more at ease. It’s a little visual that can go a very long way.

Visualize any cords between you and everyone you came into contact with or thought about that day (or just in general in your life). Visualize what the cord looks/feels/smells like then picture it being cut or breaking or melting away. You may also say the words

“I Honor and release any cords that no longer serve my higheSt purpose in all of tIme and sPacE so long as it brings me peace without harm”

Finish the visual with a “thank you thank you thank you! Amen, A-ho and so it is! It is done!”

The key is to visualize but more importantly to accept that we are all responsible for the energy we bring into our lives, and into the world.



LightBird Healing

Was started by Myna Noriega- a soul born in Vancouver, Canada where she spent most of her childhood in the pool training for the olympics. After 16 years she decided enough was enough and dropped out of her last year of college to see the world and follow her heart. 


Half a decade of travel later, and many ups and downs, she met her wonderful husband and they were transplanted to Northern California where she was gifted a chance to become a yoga teacher. This allowed her to really dive deep into new waters within herSelf as she’s known since a young age that she was different. She heard and felt things that she couldn’t describe but regardless ALWAYS wanted to help those around her feel better. To find their own joy within their hearts. 


With all the perfect and imperfect steps that were laid in front her, she has found her true calling. As a natural and gifted healer she is able to fine tune and remove blockages of energy streams within the body. But also able to remove the blocks on your path and around you. Each day is a new day and with open arms each new day sometimes brings new healing modalities for her to practice. 


Now based in Austin Texas, LightBirdHealing and is here to help the collective and empower as many souls as she can via her healings and her website where you can find many tools to help you live a lighter life. She’s been able to live many lifetimes in her current life but faces it with a lot of joy and laughter. 


For more information on how to feel lighter, check out her website for tools or to schedule a healing with her.