Haven Oracle Deck by Sara Tuminello


This oracle deck is power-packed with universal, inspirational, life-affirming messages that offer deep transformation. Her messages will help you move through blockages and fears so that you can remember and stay connected to your innate wholeness, inner wisdom, and ever-present radiance. Align and breakthrough limiting beliefs with Haven.

Use the Haven Oracle Affirmation cards on their own to set intentions or to ask for guidance. Pair them with tarot cards for depth and clarity in readings. Haven cuts right to the chase, tapping you into your intuition to bring clarity regardless of how you choose to use them.

People of all walks of life — professional and personal tarot readers, life coaches, psychologists, yoga instructors and so many more individuals alike have all shared how grateful they are for Haven.

Take refuge with Haven and in yourself — set your soul free.

Details: 55 cards that deliver clear and potent messages, 8 moon guidance cards, 1 instructional card, 2.75” square, 350 gsm buttery smooth card stock, gilded edges, sturdy tuck box. No guidebook is needed. You have the knowledge within.