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Heather Jaynes

Sacred Object- Citrine + Amazonite + Fluorite

Sacred Object- Citrine + Amazonite + Fluorite

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The Sacred Object is created by our owner Heather. These pieces are handcrafted with natural element and infused with Reiki and love. Heather always sets a very specific intention as she makes each piece. 


This is a perfect gift for someone or yourself. It can bring comfort in hard times, cleansing and renewal for a new home, sweetness and peace to start a new turn around the sun, or just something beautiful to look at in a home or on an alter. 


Here we have: 

Palo Santo- Holy Wood from South America

Selenite- this stone is all about clearing and cleanse the space, energy and mind. 

Citrine-  be open to receive happiness, abundance, prosperity, 

Amazonite- connect with inner strength, have courage, support communication. 

Purple Fluorite- open the mind, connect with intellect, focused mediation 

Copper Wire- to help keep energy flowing, and support abundance. 




We will intuitively choose the stone for you. All crystals are reiki infused and forest bathed.

Stones measure approximately 


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